Member Benefits

Community Pharmacy Is Our Passion

When you become an AlignRx pharmacy member, you can rest assured knowing you’ve teamed with an ally that is working harder for community pharmacy than any other PSAO out there.


We know community pharmacy because we are community pharmacy.

As a Public Benefit LLC, we make decisions that prioritize your business. Unlike corporations with shareholders, AlignRx is led by a board of managers who are either single pharmacy or multi-pharmacy owners themselves, or who lead our parent companies, Pharmacy Providers of Oklahoma, Inc. (PPOk), and Arete Pharmacy Network.

We are unstoppable in our commitment to serve you.

We value every one of our community pharmacies and work relentlessly on your behalf. From contract negotiation, to product and service development, to active participation in legislation, our goal is to help your business thrive.

We are constantly enhancing and expanding our products and services.

AlignRx is continuously uncovering new ways to help streamline your business operations so you can stay focused on delivering patient care. As community pharmacy moves into a new era, we’re poised to bring you solutions that build your revenue beyond dispensing.

We provide every AlignRx pharmacy member with a personalized data dashboard.

Data drives everything we and is transforming the way community pharmacies do business. Our data and analytics team posts your pharmacy’s meaningful data in a logical, organized fashion on your personalized dashboard so you have the information you need at your fingertips to make optimal decisions that propel your business.