Clinical Connection

Manage Clinical Program Initiatives

Clinical Connection is AlignRx’s one-stop data shop designed for your pharmacy to efficiently manage your clinical program initiatives within a patient-centric environment.

The platform pulls data from multiple sources and presents your pharmacy with a prioritized view of clinical opportunities. These may be adherence-related and tied to different disease states and medication classes; gaps in therapy closures; or medication therapy management.

Check out Clinical Connection’s functionality and discover how you can elevate your clinical practice.

Efficient Data Management

  • Clinical Connection’s intuitive dashboard lets you view and sort patient data based on number of opportunities, opportunity categories and types, payors, and more.
  • Multi-pharmacy owners benefit from a consolidated view across all pharmacies in their group, making it easy to compare performance metrics and streamline strategies across pharmacy locations.

Seamless Clinical Performance

  • Clinical Connection’s EQUIPP and MTM pages allow you to gain valuable insight into medication management, explore revenue opportunities, and refine your approach to patient care.
  • Critical performance metrics, such as medication adherence rates and statin gap closures, are at your fingertips. The platform’s functionality lets you work onscreen or export data to Excel for further analysis.

Targeted Patient Engagement

  • Clinical Connection allows you to easily identify patients at risk for non-adherence, so you can implement targeted interventions to enhance medication management.
  • Comprehensive data enables you to develop proactive strategies for increasing adherence, accelerating inventory turns, growing revenue, and improving patient outcomes.

Streamlined Communication

  • Messages related to patient care, payor programs, and clinical services are housed in one convenient location.

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