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Improve Your Pharmacy’s Performance

AlignRx is focused on helping your pharmacy improve clinical outcomes so you can achieve your performance goals, ultimately maximizing reimbursements. Using various tools and resources, our team pinpoints performance-based incentive opportunities for your pharmacy—such as how to increase medication adherence among patients and how to decrease gaps in care.


Actionable Insight Using EQUIPP™

AlignRx pharmacy members have direct access to Pharmacy Quality Solutions’ (PQS) EQUIPP platform through a single sign on login via our member portal. EQUIPP provides insight into your pharmacy’s performance. The AlignRx clinical team helps you identify opportunities for improvement.

Features of EQUIPP include:

  • Performance trends that illustrate how your pharmacy is performing over time
  • Peer Comparisons that highlight your pharmacy’s performance against critical benchmarks impacting net prescription reimbursement and clinical service revenue opportunities
  • Plan-level data that provides opportunities for pay-for-performance bonus payments and participation in quality-based networks
  • Patient outlier reporting that highlights patients who are adversely impacting or may adversely impact your quality measure performance so that engagement efforts can be prioritized


Enhanced Patient Care Through RxSelect CPESN

The Community Pharmacy Enhanced Services Network (CPESN USA) is America’s first clinically integrated network of pharmacy providers with more than 3,500 community pharmacies participating in 49 local networks in 44 states.

RxSelect CPESN is one such pharmacy network uniquely focused on patient outcomes. Pharmacy members are held accountable to produce clinical outcomes and are willing to receive payment using alternative, value-based payment models. By working with healthcare leaders who value partnerships with pharmacists, RxSelect CPESN members effectively deliver enhanced patient care services.

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